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Education & Training


Achieving new levels of performance requires investments not only in technology and software, but also in training your team on the most effective ways to use these tools.


Transitioning to new mission-critical systems is a major undertaking, demanding that attention be given to all of your team. Our training team is extremely experienced at working with all levels of an organization to facilitate the effective use of the software.


Every company has staff of different ages, skill levels and degrees of motivation which affect the amount and type of training required for you to achieve success. Quite often, as part of the training process, we work with staff to “unlearn” the old way of working, leading to improved methods of doing business, redefined processes and transitioning a cultural change within the company.


Once the organization knows how to run the applications, we work with management to ensure they know how to make the most effective use of the new systems and information, helping to put in place stronger controls and increased productivity.


Comprehensive and Tailored Training Programs


Training Programs that are customized to your resources, internal skill set and time

Sample data and workbook utilized in our “test” company assist staff in familiarizing themselves with the basic and advanced options of the system

Refresher courses for existing staff and training overviews available for new hires

On-site assistance with first month-end available to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the system