enabling supply chain excellence

Company Overview


About SofterWorks, Inc.


Founded in 1984, SofterWorks Inc. is a mid-sized inventory management and order tracking software company that provides powerful business and logistics solutions. SofterWorks solutions power successful distribution operations around the country, enabling Supply Chain Excellence. Our suite of inventory management, distribution management, warehouse management, and transportation management solutions can be deployed as an integrated suite or as stand-alone best-of-breed components.


Our Vision


SofterWorks has been on an unrelenting pursuit of one vision: to be the dominant inventory management and order tracking software technology and solutions provider for mid- to large-size distribution operations. Today, a growing number of facilities (with complex, high-volume order fulfillment business practices) are powered by the SofterWorks suite of inventory management and order tracking software and are achieving the highest level of customer service at the lowest possible operating costs.


Our Mission


Our corporate culture and values are based on these founding principles:


  • Commitment to Customer Service
  • Commitment to Excellence


Our mission is to deliver the highest value to our clients, with unparalleled industry solutions that are based on our advanced proven technologies and feature-rich enterprise suite of applications, and professionally delivered with the breadth and depth of expertise harnessed by our employees. SofterWorks Customer Care philosophy is the reason clients consistently choose us as their strategic business partner. Our clients continue to leverage the full power of the SofterWorks solutions.


Management Team



Dave Braden

Executive Chairman of the Board


Mr. David Braden is the founder and current Executive Chairman of the Board of SofterWorks Inc. Under his vision and leadership, SofterWorks has grown from a start-up company to mid-sized IT provider of software solutions to multinational corporations, achieving 300% growth between 1989-1992 and continuing to expand in more recent years. Mr. Braden served as SofterWorks President until 1995. Mr. Braden is an early investor in Milanis Inc., a leading e-document technology company where he currently serves as a board member and chair of the audit committee



Jack Preston

President and CEO


Mr. Jack Preston joined SofterWorks Inc. at its inception and initially led the software development side of the company before moving on to product management and eventually sales and marketing. He was appointed President of SofterWorks Inc. in 1995 and CEO in 1998 and was largely responsible for SofterWorks’ IPO on the New York stock exchange. He repositioned the company into the supply chain execution market in 1998 and has led the company’s strategies to increase market share in the supply chain management software arena for high-volume distributed order fulfillment. In 2001, Mr. Preston successfully led the company in delivering its Web-based supply chain management suite of applications.



Pat Barry

Vice-President, Finance & Administration and CFO


Ms. Pat Barry joined SofterWorks in 1998 as VP, Finance and Administration and CFO. She has over 25 years of experience in the high technology field with both private and public companies, particularly with high-growth profitable public companies. Ms. Barry played a key role in helping SofterWorks through the IPO process to become a public company. Her experience spans the complete disciplines of finance, administration and information systems, as well as financial disclosure and regulatory compliance for high technology public companies. She oversees SofterWorks finance, administration, management information systems as well as the financial planning, treasury, taxation and due diligence of potential acquisitions. Ms. Barry is a Member of SofterWorks’ Executive Management team.



Song-Tu Lee

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales


Mr. Song-Tu Lee joined SofterWorks full time in May 2005, becoming a member of the SofterWorks’ Executive Management Team. Prior to SofterWorks, Mr. Lee was President and CEO of Application Solutions Inc. (ASI), which was acquired by SofterWorks in March of 2005. He has held senior management roles in Sales and Business Development for Central Technologies and other leading ERP companies. Mr. Lee has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of ERP software marketing and sales along with an extensive and accomplished record in strategic business development and an outstanding track record of success in leading software and technology companies to high levels of growth, market leadership and customer satisfaction. Mr. Lee is a professional engineer and earned his degree in industrial engineering from the University of Illinois.