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Product Overview


SofterWorks’ Solutions


Businesses are under continuous pressure to improve customer service, while reducing operating costs and increasing bottom-line margins. This dynamic environment requires relentless efficiency throughout every process of any organization. SofterWorks’ solutions are robust, feature-rich, and technologically-advanced enterprise-class distribution management (DMS), warehouse management (WMS), and inventory management applications. Such environments range from small- and medium-sized businesses to the most complex, high-volume supply chain management operations.


From the front office through the warehouse and out over the road, SofterWorks’ innovations deliver the right tools and harness the right skills within each business. SofterWorks EliteSeries and PointForce Enterprise software suites are available as integrated enterprise suites of applications or as stand-alone best-of-breed components:



SofterWorks is unmatched in its focus to deliver inventory management software and services designed specifically to meet the needs of supply chain organizations.


Distribution Management Software


Distribution organizations require complete awareness of customers’ order statuses, supplier’s service levels, and levels of product and service efficiency.


SofterWorks EliteSeries and PointForce Enterprise Distribution Management Systems (DMS) offer complete control over everything from distributed order fulfillment to financial management. This feature-rich distribution software facilitates the requirements of the most complex distribution operations.


EliteSeries is designed to bring focus and operational clarity to high volume enterprise supply chain environments while SofterWorks PointForce Enterprise provides small to medium size businesses with the solutions they need to grow and success in today’s competitive landscape.


Organizations using EliteSeries or PointForce Enterprise distribution management software have taken control of their fulfillment management operations, reduced costs, and increased customer service levels, while providing exceptional on-time delivery and partner visibility to information.


Warehouse Management Software


Empower and Maximize Your Warehouse Operations!


The EliteSeries Warehouse Management System (WMS) is an industrial-strength warehouse management software that empowers companies to gain control over customer’s service levels, warehousing costs, order turnaround time, throughput volumes, and most importantly — profits.


Thanks to EliteSeries WMS and industrial distribution software, integrated real-time WMS information allows for unparalleled enterprise visibility of operations. The warehouse then becomes an extension of the order desk and a critical part of your business.


EliteSeries warehouse software lets you deliver on your promise of improved customer service!


Transportation Management Software


Transportation management plays an important role in your organizations’ efficiency and profitability.


The EliteSeries Transportation Management System (TMS) is an industrial-strength shipping software application that empowers shippers by optimizing the rating, routing, manifesting, tracking and post-shipment analysis for all small package and LTL shipments.


Traditional transportation management solutions have focused on dock-level execution and processes. EliteSeries TMS goes beyond this by focusing on four strategic elements of transportation management:



EliteSeries transportation software optimizes the execution and visibility of outbound shipments with a fully integrated, multi-carrier, enterprise-wide, shipment processing solution. Ready for integration at the functionality level, EliteSeries TMS supports order entry processes and can be tightly integrated into your business flow — providing complete shipping automation.


Managing enterprise transportation solutions and keeping information up-to-date and available in multiple warehouses and shipping stations require time and money. Providing centralized control and automated information distribution through Web-enabled technology, EliteSeries TMS eliminates the costs and complexity of multi-site operations.


Ease of deployment and advanced features make the EliteSeries TMS the enterprise transportation solution for your business!